Drive after Tarmaseal treatment

Only in the UK is Tarmac and Asphalt left exposed to the elements without maintenance. Across North America the application of tarmac sealers is a accepted method of greatly extending the lifespan and maintaining the fresh look of tarmac.

Exposed to wind, rain and sun over a period of years all forms of tarmac will gradually ‘dry out’ ‘fade’, ‘crack’ and eventually start to break up. The application of Tarmaseal will help retain or replace lost resins and colour from the surface.

Product Benefits Include

  • Easy application Simple DIY process
  • Water based environment friendly coating.
  • Uniforms colour to repaired or extended areas
  • Replaces lost colour and resins
  • Viable alternative to replacement of surface
  • Hardwearing, will not peel or flake
  • Can be re-applied at anytime
  • Excellent for disguising spills or stains
  • Easy maintanance
  • Reduced ‘fretting’ and future ‘stone loss’
  • Seals, waterproofs and gives long term protection to Tarmac and Asphalt.
  • Resistant to oil, petrol and diesel staining.
  • Commercial quality product
  • Resistant to moss, algae and lichen

Tarmaseal Video