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Welcome to our website. We have been successfully supplying homeowners and trade contractors with professional grade tarmac restoration products for many years. Here you will find everything you need to carry out a tarmac repair and tarmac restoration in general.

Tarmac is one of the most widely laid surfaces across the UK and Ireland. It has been used extensively for domestic driveways as well as many commercial surfaces such as car parks, roads, sports courts, retail areas and school playgrounds. All of these tarmac surfaces will deteriorate to varying degrees over time. The good news is that by using Tarmaseal™ tarmac can now be easily maintained and its lifespan considerably prolonged. Tarmaseal™ is superior to a tarmac paint and can save time and a great deal of money as well as totally transforming the look of the tarmac. Furthermore, tarmac surfaces can now be made to look like new without the need for expensive replacement.

If you are looking for a tarmac restorer to undertake any tarmac crack repairs of general tarmac restoration, please take time to look round our site. If help is needed before purchasing, just give us a call or complete our online enquiry form and we will call you back at your convenience. However, if you know exactly what you need, you can order everything online or if you prefer, just call 01268 722512 to order everything over the phone.

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Superior Tarmac Coating

Tarmac restorer and superior tarmac coating. Products for tarmac crack repairs.

Tarmaseal™ has been specially formulated as a high-quality tarmac restorer.

Tarmaseal™ is a tarmac coating often used with a crack repair compound for carrying out tarmac crack repairs. The tarmac restorer was originally formulated for commercial use but is now available as a DIY tarmac repair product.

Tarmaseal™ is a durable tarmac restorer, used in conjunction with tarmac repair materials to produce outstanding results for rejuvenating old tarmac. It is superior to a tarmac paint often used on tarmac and asphalt surfaces such as driveways, car parks and playgrounds.

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Excellent Results!

Excellent results for regenerating my old driveway. Even used it on my existing concrete paths. Easy to apply and foot traffic within a couple of hours. Delivery within 24hrs of order definitely recommend this product.

David Lewis / Grimsby

Easy to Apply!

Great product and easy to apply. A driveway that has not been maintained for ten years now looks like it has just been resurfaced.

Ken Smith / Alsager

Excellent Advice!

We recently purchased your drive sealant products and received excellent advice from your staff and very prompt delivery. Would recommend you to anyone. Please use this on your customer satisfaction website.

Gillian Blankley / Sheffield

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