Drive after Tarmac repair treatment

We receive many enquiries regarding tarmac repair. It is by far the cheapest and best option before you consider digging up and replacing a complete tarmac driveway or car park. Tarmac repair and restoration is generally easy to do, with results that can far exceed your initial expectations.

Many homeowners and owners of commercial businesses have tarmac driveways and car parking areas that looked great when the tarmac was first laid, but have deteriorated over the years. Although tarmac is a very hard wearing material, over time it will deteriorate with general ‘wear and tear’ and with constant exposure to sunlight. This can lead to the surface drying out and cracks and holes appearing over time.

Over time, tarmac will start to ‘crack up’ in places and surface ‘depressions’ such as pot holes may start to appear if the tarmac is left too long prior to any tarmac repair being carried out. When this starts to happen, the tarmac can start to look very unsightly. In most instances the tarmac becomes damaged in a few areas only, so there is absolutely no necessity to replace the whole tarmac surface. A little ongoing maintenance can help keep a tarmac driveway in optimum condition at all times. A gentle pressure wash will get rid of surface algae and moss and minor staining. Any oil stains can be treated with oil remover prior to cleaning to get the best results. Once dry, the whole area should be coated with Tarmaseal™ tarmac restorer to give the whole tarmac or asphalt surface an even finish.

A tarmac repair should be carried out once the tarmac has been pressure cleaned and given time to dry. Any tarmac repair to small cracks and holes can be undertaken with a crack repair compound from Smartseal. Any tarmac repairs to pot holes and other surface depressions take a bit more time and require a bit more preparation. If you are repairing pot holes, you will need an ordinary club hammer and bolster, plus some good quality cold-laid tarmac to hand.  If there is a ‘pot hole’ on the surface of the tarmac, all you need to do is to level out the ‘pot hole’ and make the surface as even as possible using the club hammer.  Once you have done this you can then fill in the pot hole with cold-lay tarmac repair and allow it to dry out.

tarmac repair to crack

tarmac repair to crack

Most of the roads in the UK are also constructed using tarmac and asphalt and many are in urgent need of repair. With consecutive very cold, frosty winters the tarmac on the roads has deteriorated much faster than would normally be expected. Many of the resulting thousands of ‘pot holes’ can easily be repaired saving a lot of money and reduce the need to re-surface tarmac roads at considerable expense.

If you would like more advice about carrying out a tarmac repair to a driveway, please call 01268 722500 or complete our online enquiry form.

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