Tarmaseal™ is now widely used on many commercial tarmac restoration projects throughout the UK and Ireland.

Tarmaseal’s very durable properties makes it the perfect tarmac repair and refurbishment product to cope with the heavy usage that is common in the commercial environment.

Tarmaseal™ has been used on many commercial tarmac refurbishment projects over the last few years as well as being supplied in large quantities to many of our trade customers who prefer using it to cheaper tarmac paint.

We have listed below a few of the more recent tarmac restoration projects that Tarmaseal™ has been used on:

  • New terminal at Southend Airport in Essex (passenger walkway)
  • Coopers Technology College, Chislehurst, Kent (car parking area)
  • School playground at Buswells Lodge Primary School, Leicester
  • School playground at St Mary’s Magdalene School, Woolwich, London
  • Pathways at Clevedon Golf Club, Somerset
commercial project tennis court

Tarmaseal™ is a very versatile tarmac restoration product and can be used on many commercial tarmac refurbishment projects such as school playgrounds, car parks, tennis courts, walkways and sports grounds.

Tarmaseal™ has many benefits as listed below:

  • Simple and quick to apply by roller or brush
  • Water based and very ‘eco friendly’
  • Comes in three colours (black, red or greren)
  • Rejuvenates original tarmac colouring
  • Very hard wearing
  • Can be re-coated as required
  • Cuts down on ongoing maintenance.
  • Helps bind the surface aggregate to reduce ‘fretting’.
  • Makes the tarmac resistant to water and frost penetration
  • Makes removal of oil and fuel stains easier.
  • Far more protective than artifical looking bitumen based tarmac paint
  • Helps to slow down the growth of algae, lichens and mosses.
commercial project car park

If you have a commercial tarmac restoration project and are interested in finding out more about using Tarmaseal™ on this project, please call 01268 722500 or complete our online enquiry form.