Client: Sainsburys

Contractor: Smartseal UK Ltd

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk

Site Details: Shared Driveway (8 properties)

Area: Approx. 300sq metres

Client Comments: Project specification was to pre-treat and remove large spillage of diesel to complex of communal road and driveways. Due to residual staining on the tarmac after removal of the diesel stain, it was necessary to coat the entire area with Tarmaseal to create an even finish and ‘mask’ any staining and surface deterioration that had occurred.

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St Mary’s Magdalene School

Client: St Mary Magdalene School, Woolwich SE18

Contractor: Lakehouse Contracts Ltd, Romford, Essex

Location: Woolwich, London

Site Details: Surrounding areas to main buildings

Area: 1000sq metres

Lakehouse contractors were appointed to lay new tarmac to large areas alongside other associated building work around the school.

Problem: Once the new areas of tarmac had been laid and prior to completion of the overall project, additional ground excavations had to be carried out as well as other general building work. This resulted in many areas of the new tarmac becoming stained and unsightly, where the excavation channels were filled in the overall finish of the tarmac became patchy.

Solution:  These problems had to be resolved and after researching the best options available, Lakehouse Contracts decided to use Tarmaseal to cover all the patchy stains and create a uniform finish as requested by the client.

“We were delighted with the end result, and would happily use the product again. We would certainly recommend Tarmaseal to our clients and other potential users in the future.” ~ James Kemp, Lakehouse contacts

Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court

Client: Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court.

Contractor: Hutchings & Carter Ltd. Alton, Hampshire

Location: 78-86 Victoria Road, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1SS

Site Details: Car park repairs and refurbishment

Problem: After being laid for nearly 20 years the car park had lost colour, had suffered extensive cracking, potholes and various stains. It needed to be bought back to a good standard whilst avoiding the need to having it completely relaid.

Solution: The car park was completely cleaned and repairs were carried out using cold lay repair tarmac and crack repair compound from Smartseal. Tarmaseal was then the preferred option as a surface repair coating that would make the surface finish uniform and protect it against further wear and tear.

Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court
Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court
Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court
Aldershot Job Centre & Farnham County Court